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The Classic II - { Organic Kuk Nut }

  • Story

    In a world full of trends, this set insists to remain classic. While that may sound dull or old-fashioned, one looks at this piece and remembers that there is a good reason why some things survive the test of time: Beauty is the splendor of TRUTH.

    This tasbih is our second addition to the Classic Collection and draws its inspiration from the world’s oldest surviving university: al-Azhar.


    Material Organic Coquilla Nut
    Color Russet Brown (darkens with use to a rich pecan brown)
    Bead Count 99
    Bead Diameter 8 mm
    Bead Shape Spherical
    Tassel Type Traditional Anatolian 
    Counters 3 Beaded Ornamental Counters
    Maximum Repetitions 100
    Set Length 49 cm (not including tassel-work)
    Tassel Length 9 cm
    Weight 50 g