The 25 Million Misbaha: Citrine and Ebony - 500 Beads, 8mm

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Introducing 25 Million, an exquisite Misbaha that counts up to an impossible number.

This luxurious Misbaha is made for setting goals for private remembrance in one’s home and is a reminder of the never ending pursuit of the believer to make Zikr. With this set, there is no number too high - it can count up to 25 million!

Doing so would take about a year of continuous Zikr, so it’s highly likely you’ll never need to do so.Handcrafted with care and precision, 25 Million features only the finest gemstones and organic ebony wood with natural blemishes that give each piece its own unique and one-of-a-kind beauty.

The intricate hand-woven tassels feature our specialty thread 20 times stronger than steel, making this Misbaha perfect for blessed nights.Be sure to get your limited edition set while they’re still available - a beautiful addition to any home that will last for generations!

  • You will fall in love with its 500 exquisitely designed 8mm beads presented in a gift box for an unboxing experience that will not be forgotten.
  • Counts up to 25 million using the Abacus System (scroll below for more information).
  • Feel secure knowing all pieces are handcrafted for unmatched quality and craftsmanship, crafted from high-grade citrine gemstones.
  • Choose with confidence knowing each item comes with a LIFETIME replacement warranty trusted by over 10,000 clients.
  • Enjoy the 30-Day Love it or Return It guarantee- you deserve peace of mind.
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  • Rest assured, with durable thread 20x stronger than steel for lasting strength and assurance.
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