We offer a lifetime warranty for our misbaha products, which covers the main beads and string only. The warranty does not cover tassels or other accessories, nor does it cover counter beads.If the main string breaks from normal use, or if a main bead breaks from normal use, the customer is eligible for credit for the purchase amount. They may then choose any product on our site with equal or lesser value to replace it. Due to the fact that all of our products are handcrafted, we cannot guarantee that the same product will be available to replace a broken one; availability of stones, woods and specialized craftsmen are all limited edition factors impacting this.


    The World's Finest Misbaha

    Although this statement can be judged as subjective, let us be clear- this is not only our opinion, but the conviction of our clients. We are obsessed with quality, durability, and most importantly beauty.

    This is not a statement of pride; it is one of assurance.

    Experience it yourself. We are so confident you will agree that we offer a 30 day LOVE it, or return it guarantee.

    Years of testing, refinement, and design have gone into our work.

    From our Heart to Yours.

    "The World's Strongest Fiber"

    THREAD 20x times stronger than steel

    If you've purchased a stone Tasbih before you must know they simply don't last. It's all about the thread. We've tested many types and for years we refused to sell gemstone tasbihs as they would not meet our 'guaranteed for life' standards.

    A few years ago we made a breakthrough. A thread that would stand the test of time. A thread that we could guarantee for life.

    20x stronger than steel.

    Be Inspired.

    Gemstones as unique as you are.

    We go above and beyond to hand-pick them for you. Mesmerizing, highly qualitative precious stones, sourced from all over the globe. Hundreds and hundreds of years old, they are meant to last. From deep green to soothing rose, with intrinsic lines of plain patterns, our selection includes something for every taste and temperament.

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    Plastic is useful. Not for Tasbihs.


    Wooden prayer beads are rooted in a centuries-long tradition. Wood has always been an inherent part of Islamic art history. Tasbihs carved out of kuk or olive wood are instant classics, their beads reminiscent of trees as lifesavers. It takes years of growth and patience to get from the sapling to the bead. May this inspire you.

    The Perfect Gift

    Experience the Joy of thoughtful gifting.

    Beauty belongs to our faith in a special way. Beauty of soul, beauty of comportment, and the beauty of what we surround ourselves with... It is all connected. The human gaze is attracted to masterly crafted objects because they remind the heart’s eye of divine Beauty, the beauty of Perfection. Giving gifts remembering the Divine is an act of worship. With it grows affinity and it pleases the Generous One. Receiving a tasbih during this holy month is a reminder that comes right in time, a lifeline to the Most Beautiful when the heavenly gates are opened.

    Preserve the Art


    Our masterfully hand-crafted tasbihs are made with meaning, and with excellence. Mirroring the intentionality behind our existence as humans, our artisans create stunning objects for you to use and gift. This is the opposite of the automated production that lacks any purposefulness. Being human is precious. What humans do is precious.

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    The Princess | BasmalaBeads Jr.-Islamic Prayer Beads- Tasbih-Misbah-سبحة-مسبحة-BasmalaBeads-BasmalaThe Princess | BasmalaBeads Jr.-Islamic Prayer Beads- Tasbih-Misbah-سبحة-مسبحة-BasmalaBeads-Basmala
    On sale

    Princess - Pink Aqeeq Misbaha, 33 Beads

    51 Reviews
    $44.99 $88.99
    The Cool One | BasmalaBeads Jr.-Islamic Prayer Beads- Tasbih-Misbah-سبحة-مسبحة-BasmalaBeads-BasmalaThe Cool One | BasmalaBeads Jr.-Islamic Prayer Beads- Tasbih-Misbah-سبحة-مسبحة-BasmalaBeads-Basmala
    On sale

    Prince - Blue Aqeeq Misbaha, 33 Beads

    51 Reviews
    $44.99 $65.99
    Oceana - Amazonite Misbaha, 99 Beads (8 MM)Oceana - Amazonite Misbaha, 99 Beads (8 MM)
    On sale
    Oceana - Amazonite Misbaha, 33 BeadsOceana - Amazonite Misbaha, 33 Beads
    On sale

    Oceana - Amazonite Misbaha, 33 Beads

    27 Reviews
    $189.99 $249.99
    Green Mica Misbaha, 33 Beads (LIMITED EDITION)Green Mica Misbaha, 33 Beads (LIMITED EDITION)
    On sale