Hadid - Hematite, Malachite, and Dromedary Misbaha, 99 Beads


    Celebrate the Essence of Saudi National Day with this Exclusive Misbaha 

    Malachite, Hematite, Ebony and Dromedary come together like a beautiful piece of artwork, blending the beauty of nature with the strong and determined spirit of Saudi Arabia. This special combination honors the country's history while also celebrating its lively present and promising future. It captures the true essence of Saudi Arabian creativity and grace.

    • A Truly Exclusive and Meaningful National Day Gift
    • Limited Availability: Only 65 Available
    • Complimentary Delivery by Saudi National Day 2023
    • Authentic high-grade Malachite
    • Gorgeous Hematite Stone
    • Authentic Royal Ebony Wood 
    • Meticulously carved White Dromedary 
    • Handcrafted to Perfection
    • Indestructible Thread (20x Stronger Than Steel)
    • 99 (8mm) Beads- Length: 46cm (not including 11cm tassel-work)

    Complimentary Express Shipping in the KSA
    Reserve Your Exclusive Masterpiece Today Embrace National Day with the Epitome of Craftsmanship

    First Come; First Serve

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