The Dignified II - { Exotic Ebony - 99 Beads }


  • Story

    Be inspired by these gorgeous yet deeply dignified handcrafted Islamic prayer beads. Fashioned from ethically sourced exotic Ebony this set is not dyed or painted. The deep browns and blacks you see are one of the world's greatest manifestations of beauty.

    Known as the Wood of Kings, Ebony has been used for millennia as the material of choice for the noblest crafts. From the royal caskets of Ancient Egypt to the ciphers of the Indian royalty, Ebony is and always has been the regal wood of choice. ⁣

    Now, we ask, what is nobler than the blessed art of Zikr?

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    Bead Material
    African Black Wood ( Dalbergia Melanoxylon)
    Wood Color Rich Dark Brown
    Wood Origin
    Dry savanna regions of central and southern Africa
    Wood Hardness 
    3,670 lbf
    Bead Count 99
    Bead Diameter Available in Large (12mm) and Xlarge (14mm)
    Bead Shape Disk
    Tassel Type Traditional Anatolian
    Counters 10 Bead Counters
    Set Length (42 cm for L) & (47 cm for XL), (not including tassel-work)
    Tassel Length 11 cm
    Weight (80 g for L) & (100 g for XL)