The Soothing Misbaha: Howlite and Ebony - 99 Beads, 8mm

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  • "The Soothing Misbaha"
    Aptly named for its marble-like Howlite stones and deep, resonant clicks, this 99-bead tasbih is a balm to the soul.

  • Serenity in Every Aspect
    Pure white with grey marbling, each Howlite stone is cool to the touch, heavy, and distinctly soothing. Combined with the deep-dark ebony, it's an oasis of calm.

  • Deep Focus, Present Moment
    In a world where presence is rare, let each click of this Tasbih ground you in the soothing embrace of the now, easing anxiety and agitation.

  • Commitment to Excellence
    Obsessed with quality, durability, and beauty. Not just a claim, but a promise. Experience it with our 30-day love it or return it guarantee.

  • Elegant, Time-Tested Materials
    Howlite stones offering a marbled depth, and ebony wood that can last for centuries, together create a tasbih of enduring beauty and strength.

  • Unparalleled Durability
    Strung with thread 20 times stronger than steel, resistant to wear and environmental damage. The core of our lifelong promise to you.

  • Gift of Tranquility
    The perfect present that combines beauty, usefulness, and meaningfulness. A rare find in today’s world.

  • Seamless Global Reach
    Hours of dedicated work, shipped express worldwide, free of charge. We ensure your Misbaha arrives safely and promptly.

  • Lifetime Assurance
    Breaks from normal use? We replace it, for life. A companion for your spiritual journey, guaranteed.

  • A Tasbih of Distinction
    Handcrafted precision you can feel, a deep clicking sound you can hear, and a soothing presence you can embrace. A Misbaha like no other.



An Unforgettable Gift