Hadid - Hematite, Citrine, and Dromedary Misbaha, 99 Beads

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    • Deepen Your Zikr Journey: Embrace a more profound connection with the Hadid Limited Edition Misbaha, a masterpiece of faith.
    • Quranic Inspiration: Drawing from the powerful Quranic verse about iron, symbolizing awesome, heavenly power.
    • Hematite Elegance: Adorned with luxurious hematite stone, embodying the strength and resilience found in true faith.
    • Harmony of Elements: Elegant citrine gemstones and ebony wood merge to celebrate your unique, God-given fortitude.
    • Emotional Unboxing Experience: Unveil your Misbaha to discover a deeply touching and memorable moment.
    • 99 Beads of Beauty: Each of the 99 exquisitely crafted beads is a testament to devotion, presented in a stunning gift box.
    • Artisan Craftsmanship: Handcrafted precision ensures unmatched quality and expert craftsmanship in every piece.
    • Citrine's Luxurious Touch: Experience the rich, tactile sensation of high-grade citrine gemstones.
    • Limited and Exclusive: With only 80 pieces available globally, each Misbaha is a rare and precious addition to your spiritual practice.
    • High Demand Anticipation: Following our last quickly sold-out release, secure your Misbaha promptly to avoid disappointment.
    • Widely Trusted: Join a global community of over 10,000 clients in 23 countries, trusting Basmala's exceptional quality and service.
    • Exceptional Acclaim: Our dedication to excellence is affirmed by over 1100 five-star reviews.
    • Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our LIFETIME replacement warranty.
    • 30-Day Satisfaction Promise: Our 'Love It or Return It' guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction with every Misbaha.
    • Worldwide Shipping: Receive your Misbaha anywhere in the world with our complimentary, hassle-free express shipping.
    • Enduring Strength: Each Misbaha features a thread 20x stronger than steel, symbolizing the lasting power of faith.
    • Invest in Timeless Faith: This Limited Edition Misbaha not only represents strength but also the enduring beauty of Zikr.

    Bead Material: Citrine Gemstones
    Stone Color: Sunshine Yellow
    Stone Refractive Index: 1.5
    Stone Mohs Hardness: 7
    Bead Count: 99
    Bead Diameter: 8 mm
    Bead Shape: Spherical
    Thread Type: Braided Specialty Thread (Guaranteed for life)
    Minaret Material: Premium Dromedary (Ethically Sourced Camel Ivory) (Halal / Tahir)
    Tassel Type: Anatolian Tassel
    Counters: 4 Beads Counter
    Set Length: 59 cm

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