Voyager (LIMITED) - Rose Quartz Misbaha Bracelet, 33 Beads

    • Introducing the Voyager Bracelet: Designed with rose-quartz as your spiritual companion, helping you stay grounded and connected in the hustle of life.
    • Contemporary Spiritual Tool: A modern twist on traditional Misbaha (Dhikr Beads), crafted for those who value both style and spirituality.
    • Seamless Connection to the Present: Each bead is meticulously strung to create a smooth flow, encouraging mindfulness and presence.
    • Daily Reminder of Life's Gifts: More than just a bracelet, Voyager serves as a constant reminder to cherish every moment and focus on what truly matters.
    • Quality Craftsmanship for Lifetime Use: Made with premium materials, the Voyager bracelet is built to last, with larger beads for ease of use and a durable braided thread.
    • Find Your Center in Chaos: Ideal for finding tranquility in busy times, its user-friendly design makes it a practical tool for spiritual grounding.
    • 33 Beads of Reflection: A fully functional Misbah, designed with 33 beads, each facilitating focus and reflection.
    • Simplicity and Elegance: Boasts a sleek, minimal design, making it suitable for any setting or occasion.
    • Personal Spiritual Anchor: Acts as a subtle personal reminder to stay aligned with your spiritual goals.
    • Luxurious Gifting Option: Comes in a premium gift box, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift for loved ones or for yourself.
    • Designed for Comfort: With a perfect fit, the Voyager bracelet is comfortable to wear, anytime, anywhere.
    • Lifetime Guarantee: Backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee, affirming its quality and your satisfaction.

    Bead Material: Rose Quartz Stones
    Stone Color: Pink
    Mohs Hardness: 7
    Base Material: Premium Dromedary (Ethically Sourced Camel Ivory) (Halal / Tahir)
    Bead Count: 33
    Bead Diameter: 10 mm
    Bead Shape: Spherical
    Tassel Type: Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System
    Wrist Size: One-size-fits-most (adjustable)

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