One-Million - MEDINA DOMES EDITION - Amazonite, Lava & Ebony Misbaha, 100 Beads

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    • Elegant Ebony and Amazonite Fusion: Discover the blend of ebony wood's elegance with the spiritual essence of green Amazonite in this luxurious Tasbih.
    • Inspired by Sacred Artistry: Each of the 30 genuine Amazonite stones echoes the breathtaking inlays found in the Mosque of Medina's domes.
    • Unmatched Durability: Meticulously strung with a braided specialty thread, this Misbaha guarantees exceptional durability for life.
    • Symbol of Precision and Artistry: More than a Tasbih, it's a testament to our dedication to excellence and meticulous craftsmanship.
    • Beacon of Focus and Presence: In our fast-paced world, this Amazonite-inspired Misbaha serves as a radiant reminder of life's hidden treasures.
    • Elevate Your Dhikr: Let this exquisite Tasbih deepen your spiritual connection and enhance your daily Zikr.
    • Counts Up to 1-Million: Designed for ambitious goals, this Misbaha features a signature Abacus system, capable of counting up to 1 million.
    • Fragrance Diffuser Lava Beads: Infuse the lava beads with your favorite ʿitr or essential oil, turning your Misbaha into a heavenly scented companion.
    • Rare Artisanal Tassels: Adorned with unique, handcrafted tassels, each Tasbih is as individual and breath-taking as your spiritual journey.
    • Exuberant Green Amazonite: Celebrated for its vibrant green-blue hues, Amazonite is a rare mineral, adding a touch of exclusivity to your spiritual practice.
    • Incredibly Strong Thread: Our patented thread is 20 times stronger than steel, offering unmatched durability and resistance to environmental factors.
    • Feel the Exceptional Quality: The moment you hold this Tasbih, you'll feel the precision and care that went into its creation.
    • Perfect Gift of Timeless Value: An exceptional gift that combines meaning, beauty, and utility, ideal for a lifetime of cherished memories.
    • Reliable and Fast Express Shipping: Enjoy complimentary, reliable express shipping worldwide on us, ensuring your Tasbih arrives quickly and safely.
    • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Shop with confidence, knowing our 30-day love it or return it promise backs each Tasbih, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

      Bead Material: Exotic Ebony Wood Accented with Green Amazonite & Lava
      Stone Color: Blue-Green
      Stone Mohs Hardness: 7
      Bead Count: 100
      Base Material: Exotic Ebony Wood
      Bead Diameter: 8 mm
      Bead Shape: Spherical
      Thread Type: Braided Specialty Thread (Guaranteed for life)
      Minaret Material: Exotic Ebony Wood
      Tassel Type: Handwoven Artisanal Tassels
      Counters: 2x (10 Beads Counter)
      Maximum Repetitions: 1 Million (Abacus Counting System)Set Length: 46 cm (not including tassel-work)
      Tassel Length: 12 cm
      Weight: 64 g

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