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The Serene 2 | Luminous Green Aqiq (Agate)

  • A night is a night. Right?

    They come and go, and we find grounding in the dependable, cyclical, phenomena of the night that always comes.

    We are so grounded in this reality that we conclude that all nights are equal.

    But they are not.

    Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be explained.

    The closest you will be to understanding this reality is by simply asking someone who has spent a night in the city of Medina.

    Now, they won't be able to articulate it, but just look int their eyes. You will know.

    Nights that are not dark. Quiet that is not empty. And a feeling that one may have thought they'd experienced before:


    This set is our second release of our Serene 2 offering. This version is crafted from luminous and sem-translucent fine Green Agate which is lighter in color than the first Serene 2 release.

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