The Companion Misbaha Bracelet: Artistic Jasper and Ebony - 99 Beads, 8mm

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  • Elevate Your Senses: Discover more than a bracelet - it's a 99-bead tasbih enhanced with lava stone beads for an aromatic journey. Wrap spirituality and scent around your wrist.

  • Durability Meets Design: Experience the unbreakable bond of a thread 20 times stronger than steel. Embrace our lifetime replacement promise for everlasting peace of mind.

  • Fragrance on the Go: Imbue the lava beads with your favorite essence. Enjoy a lingering, heavenly scent that transforms your day.

  • Crafted with Care: Each bracelet is a handcrafted marvel, promising not just wearability but a connection to timeless craftsmanship.

  • Jasper Elegance: Adorn yourself with Jasper stones and ebony wood, making every moment a tranquil experience.

  • Swift Arrival: Anticipate fast, free shipping. Your unique, limited-edition bracelet, where style meets spirituality, is just a week away.

    It's Beautiful. I love it. It’s convenient to wear as a stylish bracelet and readily available to be used as a misbaha when needed.

    Mohamed Ali

    Exquisite Craftsmanship

    Experience the beauty of authentic Jasper, Lava Stones, and Ebony Wood.

    Elegant Versatility

    Merge style with spirituality; a bracelet that's also your Misbaha.

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Durability assured. Breaks? We replace it, free forever.

    Sensory Bliss

    Elevate your mood with our exclusive fragrance diffuser.

    I bought for our son as a gift and he wears it almost everyday! Best gift ever.