The Companion II - Artistic Jasper & Ebony Edition (Fragrance Diffuser) - Misbaha Bracelet, 99 Beads


    This Diffuser Bracelet is a masterpiece. It combines two extraordinary features in one. We have taken our state-of-the-art Tasbih Bracelet design and added lava stone accent beads to it, creating a highly practical 99-bead tasbih that pleases the senses of smell and touch.

    • PERFECT BRACELET. PERFECT TASBIH- Both a fully functional tasbih as well as a snug-fitting bracelet. When duty calls, wrap it four times around your wrist, secure it with our Basmala Bracelet Fastening System, and get to work.
    • ‘ITR (FRAGRANCE DIFFUSER) LAVA BEADS- Rub a few drops of your most-loved ʿitr or essential oil onto the Lava Beads before putting on the bracelet. Once the oil is absorbed, your Diffuser Bracelet will slowly give off a heavenly scent for hours.
    • DURABLE THREAD (20X STRONGER THAN STEEL)- Produced through a patented process, this thread is even able to resist the cutting effect harder gemstones may have because of abrasion. It is also remarkably resistant to moisture, sunlight damage, and chemicals. Its longevity is what persuaded us. It is the core of our lifelong guarantee.
    • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE- If it breaks from normal use, we will replace it. FOR LIFE.
    • HANDCRAFTED WITH PRECISION- You will FEEL the difference.
    • HEARTENING JASPER STONES- Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony and quartz that is known for its most excellent wearability. It comes in a range of colors, such as brown, gray, black, and white, and is often spotted or striped. Its earthy tones have a grounding quality that appeases the restless soul.
    • EBONY WOOD- Did you know the ebony tree can easily live for 500 years? It is a slow grower. Feel the dense weight of these deep-dark wooden beads in your hands as you grow your way through life, reaching for the Heavens a bit more each day.
    • MINIMAL AND MODERN DESIGN- No one needs to know it's a Tasbih. Its design will compliment any style.
    • A SUBTLE REMINDER- Keep it on your wrist to remind you of the things that matter most in life.
    • THE PERFECT GIFT- Give them a gift that is meaningful, beautiful, and useful in a way few things in life are.
    • FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING WORLDWIDE- This tasbih has taken hours of focused work. We won’t risk it getting lost with unreliable shipping methods. That’s why we always ship express, and for this piece, the cost is on us.
    • 30 DAY LOVE IT OR RETURN IT PROMISE- It's designed to be your companion for life. That’s why we offer a 30‑Day love them or your money-back guarantee.

      Bead Material: Dazzling Artistic Jasper & Exotic Ebony Wood, accented with Natural Lava Stones (Fragrance Diffuser)
      Bead Count: 99
      Bead Diameter: 8mm
      Bead Shape: Spherical
      Minaret Material: Exotic Ebony Wood
      Thread Type: Braided Specialty Thread (Guaranteed for life)
      Tassel Type: Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System
      Counters: 3 Bead Counters
      Wrist Size: One-size-fits-most (adjustable)
      Set Length: 42 cm (not including tassel-work)
      Tassel Length: 9cm
      Weight: 45g


      Perfect BRACELET. Perfect Tasbih.




      Hard to believe, but it looks even better in person.