Regality (Rich Dark Purple) - Amethyst Misbaha, 33 Beads

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    • Counting Life's Blessings: Though one can never truly 'count their blessings,' this tasbih with regal amethyst gemstones and exotic ebony wood inspires continuous gratitude.
    • Regal Amethyst: Composed with rich dark purple amethyst gemstones, each bead in this tasbih is a symbol of elegance and spiritual calm.
    • A Work of Art: This piece is not just a tasbih; it's a blessing in itself, crafted to inspire and connect you with the profound beauty of nature.
    • World-Class Misbaha Quality: Our commitment to quality, durability, and beauty is unparalleled, backed by a 30-day love it or return it guarantee.
    • Tranquil yet Vigorous: The enticing amethyst gemstones, with their pale pastel lilac and deep purple hues, offer a blend of tranquility and royal firmness.
    • Historic Ebony Wood: The dense weight of the beads, crafted from ebony wood known for its centuries-long lifespan, symbolizes enduring growth.
    • Unrivaled Thread Strength: Our tasbih is strung with a thread 20x stronger than steel, able to resist abrasion and environmental elements, embodying our lifelong guarantee.
    • Lifetime Assurance: Should it break from normal use, we commit to replacing it for life.
    • Feel the Craftsmanship: Every bead is handcrafted with precision, offering a distinct tactile experience.
    • Meaningful Gifting: This tasbih makes a perfect gift, combining functionality, beauty, and spiritual significance.
    • Complimentary Express Shipping: Ensuring safe and swift delivery of this meticulously crafted tasbih, at no extra cost.
    • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Designed as a lifelong spiritual companion, backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

      Gemstone: Regal Amethyst Gemstones
      Gemstone Color: Rich Regal Purple
      Mohs Hardness: 7
      Base Material: Exotic Ebony Wood
      Bead Count: 33
      Bead Diameter: 10 mm
      Bead Shape: Spherical
      Tassel Type: Engraved Turkish Style
      Counters: 4 Beaded Ornamental Counter + Master's Signature Bead
      Set Length: 24 cm (not including tassel-work)
      Tassel Length: 16 cm
      Weight: 52 g

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