At Basmala Beads, perfection isn't just in the crafting. It's in every step of the journey to you.

Crafting with Care: Time-Intensive Process Our Tasbihs aren't just made. They're crafted. Hours of focused work go into each piece. We ensure every Tasbih is a masterpiece.

Shipping: Reliable and Swift When it comes to shipping, we don't compromise. Typically, your order will be with you in about 7 business days, globally. Got your eye on a pre-order? Give us a few weeks to prepare your unique piece.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $150 Orders above $150? We've got the shipping costs covered. That's our commitment to you.

Express Shipping: Our Standard We only ship express. While others may opt for free but unreliable local post services, we don't take that chance. Your Tasbih deserves the best, even in transit.

Customs? Pre-Paid for Convenience Where possible, we pre-pay customs. It's all about making your experience as smooth as possible.

Your Basmala Beads Tasbih is a journey. From our hands to yours. We ensure it's a journey marked by care, precision, and reliability.

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