Lapis Lazuli

Ever gazed into the deep blue of lapis lazuli? It's not just a stone. It's a piece of history. A treasure.

Let's talk lapis lazuli. Deep blue. Golden flecks. More than beautiful. It's wearable history.

The name? A mix of Latin and Persian. "Lapis" for stone. "Lazhuward" for blue. Simple. Elegant.

Remember King Tut? His mask's eyes? That's lapis lazuli. Even the pharaohs knew its worth.

But there's more. Ever heard of Vermeer? 17th-century genius. His secret? Ultramarine. Made from lapis lazuli. It gave his paintings life. Like the "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Stunning.

Lapis lazuli isn't new. It's ancient. Jewelry. Beads. Since 6000 BCE. Origin? Likely Badakhshan. Mountains stretching across Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Mines over 7000 years old. Rich history.

It's not just jewelry. Think dagger handles. Hair combs. Even game boards. Ancient seals? Made with lapis lazily. In Ayurveda? A healing stone. In royal courts? A silent language. "Good luck." "Love me." All in a stone.

In Islamic tradition? It's everywhere. Rings. Sword handles. Qur'an manuscripts. In Unani Medicine, a remedy for the soul.

Islamic illuminators? They knew its value. Ultramarine from lapis lazuli. A luxury. A tradition. 

Now, it's your turn. Dive into this blue marvel. Own a piece of history.

Discover our lapis lazuli collection. Feel the legacy.