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"Basmala Beads: Elevating Spiritual Connection with Precious Stone Tasbihs and Misbahas"


Basmala Beads is a dedicated platform that goes above and beyond to source mesmerizing and highly qualitative precious stones from all over the world. These exquisite stones, hundreds of years old, are meticulously handpicked to create Tasbihs and Misbahas that are not just beautiful but are meant to last. Each stone, with its unique color, patterns, and intrinsic qualities, has a story to tell, adding a profound spiritual dimension to these prayer beads.

Customer Testimonials:

Basmala Beads has received acclaim from satisfied customers worldwide, who have experienced the beauty and spiritual depth of these precious stone Tasbihs and Misbahas. Here are some testimonials:

  1. Damian A. from the United States (Exquisite Craftsmanship): "From the moment of unpacking it, I knew I was in for something special. The aroma of the wood permeated throughout the room immediately upon opening the box. The beads are perfectly proportioned and cool to the touch."

  2. Maria J. from Spain (Confident III - Fragrance Diffuser): "Intimacy from the first minute on my wrist. Sweet textures, deep fragrances, and harmonious colors inspire companionship and friendship. Its excellent quality promises fidelity over time."

  3. Amenhotep from the United States (Best I've had): "Love the box they came in as well as the efficiency of the delivery. They seem to be well made and worth the price. They smell amazing, and I look forward to indulging in the collection. Inshallah, this will help keep my reminders of Allah ever present."

  4. Aminah K. from Qatar (Otherworldly): "MashaAllah this misbaha is beautiful. I purchased it as a gift and can’t wait to give it to the person it’s intended for. I know they’ll love it inshaAllah. The natural green hues, smoothness of the stones, and details of the tassels really make this a lifelong piece to cherish."

  5. Anzer A. from India (Just Perfect): "The Tasbeeh is more than everything I expected it to be...very well made packed. It's something that brings a smile to your face, worth every dollar."

  6. Marwa A. from the United States (Beautiful): "Beautifully manufactured with very clean finishes, good quality stones, and nice packaging."

  7. Tyler K. from the United States (Better than I Expected): "The craftsmanship is superb. You can tell they are made to last a lifetime. I appreciate the hard work you put into this tasbih!"

  8. Muhammad from the United States (Beautiful Tasbih): "Very nice and elegant tasbih."

  9. Bilal A. from Canada (Very Beautiful): "Beautiful tasbih, very well crafted mash'Allah! I would suggest that instead of the beads being 5.5mm, 7mm would be the perfect size for a ladies' bracelet tasbih even 6.5mm."

  10. Maria J. from Spain (Joyous - Citrine Misbaha, 100 Beads): "The touch of the finger with the citrine beads has a special dignity. Very good finished work with high-quality materials."

Exploring Precious Stones Collections:

Basmala Beads offers a wide range of precious stone collections, each with its unique characteristics and significance. Let's explore some of them:

  1. Lapis Lazuli Collection:

    • Explore the Lapis Lazuli Collection
    • Lapis Lazuli, with its profound blue hues and golden speckles, has enchanted star gazers and great Qur’an illuminators alike. Its history in alchemy and gemstone collections adds to its allure.
  2. Agate Collection:

    • Explore the Agate Collection
    • Agate, formed over 50 million years within volcanic rocks, is a grounding stone found in the blessed land of Yemen. Its calming chestnut browns remind us of life's important journey.
  3. Malachite Collection:

    • Explore the Malachite Collection
    • Malachite's heavenly hues transport us to the Beloved’s Green Dome. Its dark bands and comforting luster evoke the beauty of the Garden.
  4. Citrine Collection:

  5. Rhodonite Collection:

    • Explore the Rhodonite Collection
    • Rhodonite's gentle hues guide our thoughts and sorrows, leading us to the One as we sip rose petal tea on the Bosporus banks.
  6. Amethyst Collection:

  7. Tiger’s Eye Collection:

  8. Aquamarine Collection:

  9. Howlite Collection:

    • Explore the Howlite Collection
    • Howlite provides tranquility in a rushing world, letting words of reverence for the Divine seep through its marble-like veins.
  10. Pink Opal Collection:


Basmala Beads has elevated the spiritual experience by meticulously handcrafting Tasbihs and Misbahas from precious stones sourced from around the world. Each stone, with its unique qualities, adds depth and significance to these prayer beads, making them cherished companions in the journey of faith. Explore the collections today and find the perfect Eid gift to enhance your spiritual connection.