Why Basmala?

Do you believe that there is more to beauty than meets the eye?
Do you believe that some of our belongings should be made to last a lifetime? 
You've come to the right place. 
Each one of our tasbihs makes a lifelong companion.
Each tasbih is uniquely matched to your own personal journey. 
Welcome to Basmala.
Be inspired.

The World's Finest Misbaha

Although this statement can be judged as subjective, let us be clear- this is not only our opinion, but the conviction of our clients. We are obsessed with quality, durability, and most importantly beauty.

This is not a statement of pride; it is one of assurance.

Experience it yourself. We are so confident you will agree that we offer a 30 day LOVE it, or return it guarantee.

Years of testing, refinement, and design have gone into our work.

From our Heart to Yours.



"BasmalaBeads are simply the best; the only brand putting this much professionalism and passion into their craft. Every single part of this piece from the carvings on the minaret down the perfectly shaped stones, makes for a very unique and special piece. I urge anyone to try any one of their pieces and see for themselves exactly what makes these so very distinctive."



Your Companion For Life

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Traditionally, Muslims considered their Islamic prayer beads very intimate companions. They were always an important of life's most precious moments. They accompanied them in times of joy and difficulty so much so that they were seen as a symbolic representation of one's life. So, when it was time to return one's maker it was the Muslim's prayer beads that were considered the most meaningful part of one's estate. Inheritors would cherish them as a deep connection back to their loved one's. Now we don't want be to morbid. God willing, you will have a long prosperous life, just rest assured that your prayer beads will be there when you need them. 

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"What attracted me to this tasbih is the lifetime guarantee on the string as my issue with all previous tasbihs is they kept breaking every few months."




"The World's Strongest Fiber"

Thread 20x times stronger than steel

If you've purchased a stone Tasbih before you must know they simply don't last. It's all about the thread. We've tested many types and for years we refused to sell gemstone tasbihs as they would not meet our 'guaranteed for life' standards.

A few years ago we made a breakthrough. A thread that would stand the test of time. A thread that we could guarantee for life.

20x stronger than steel.



"I dropped it outside and found it 5 days later. During those days it tolerated the harshness of weather. The sunlight, humidity, extreme rainy weather, and 2 days of hail! No damage at all was found... the string all was fine. I was really amazed and impressed."




Be Inspired.

Gemstones as unique as you are.

We go above and beyond to hand-pick them for you. Mesmerizing, highly qualitative precious stones, sourced from all over the globe. Hundreds and hundreds of years old, they are meant to last. From deep green to soothing rose, with intrinsic lines of plain patterns, our selection includes something for every taste and temperament.

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"One word: SubhanAllah. This natural stone is absolutely breathtaking in person, the shapes shift as they move through your fingers. BREATHTAKING..."




Plastic is Useful. Not for Tasbihs.


Wooden prayer beads are rooted in a centuries-long tradition. Wood has always been an inherent part of Islamic art history. Tasbihs carved out of kuk or olive wood are instant classics, their beads reminiscent of trees as lifesavers. It takes years of growth and patience to get from the sapling to the bead. May this inspire you.

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"It is simple and elegant and the wood grain is of a wonderful texture - a pleasure to use."




The Perfect Gift

Experience the Joy of Thoughtful Gifting.

Beauty belongs to our faith in a special way. Beauty of soul, beauty of comportment, and the beauty of what we surround ourselves with... It is all connected. The human gaze is attracted to masterly crafted objects because they remind the heart’s eye of divine Beauty, the beauty of Perfection. Giving gifts remembering the Divine is an act of worship. With it grows affinity and it pleases the Generous One. Receiving a tasbih during this holy month is a reminder that comes right in time, a lifeline to the Most Beautiful when the heavenly gates are opened.

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"I'm a customer for life and I can confidently say that anyone who I have gifted these tasbihs to loved them and cherished them as well. God willing, I plan on cherishing mine forever!"




Preserve the Art


Our masterfully hand-crafted tasbihs are made with meaning, and with excellence. Mirroring the intentionality behind our existence as humans, our artisans create stunning objects for you to use and gift. This is the opposite of the automated production that lacks any purposefulness. Being human is precious. What humans do is precious.

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"Beautifully crafted, obviously functional, a masterpiece of functional religious art."






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