We go above and beyond to hand-pick them for you. Mesmerizing, highly qualitative precious stones, sourced from all over the globe. Hundreds and hundreds of years old, they are meant to last. From deep green to soothing rose, with intrinsic lines or of plain patterns, our selection includes something for every taste and temperament.


Have you ever seen a meteorite? This stone is for the star gazers. Lose your Self in lapis lazuli’s profoundly blue hues and follow into the footsteps of those of a time gone by, enchanted by its golden speckles. The great Qur’an illuminators, alchemists, and Mamluk gemstone collectors will show you the way.

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Have you ever held a stone so old it grounds you? As agate takes 50 million years to form within volcanic rocks, it truly is a gift from earth to you. In the mountains of the blessed land of Yemen is where it is often found. Let ʿaqeeq’s calming chestnut browns remind you of what is important and take you on a journey for life.

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Malachite’s heavenly hues set your mind to drift off to the Beloved’s Green Dome. Can you see its dark bands and the comforting luster they move across? Let it move your soul. The Garden, with its green cushions and rich carpets of beauty, is where we intend to meet.

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We often hear that the color yellow brightens up our day. Citrine catches the sunbeams and is your companion in a divine remembrance as sweet as drops of honey. Can you taste it?

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We set apart these beads to send blessings upon the One who was more radiant, more beautiful, than a full moon on the darkest night. Let His path serve as a milky way that lightens up the firmament of your life as the Hour draws near.


Do you want a hint of luxury in your life? The color purple stands for nobility and ambition. Through airy violet pastels and intensely strong tones of plum, jamaal and jalaal, Beauty and Majesty, come together within the amethyst’s blend.

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To Him belongs what is in the heavens and what is in the earth. Like a fresh, tender plant, the believer might bend from whatever direction the wind blows. Yet when the wind quiets down, the plant straightens again. These mica beads are your leaves. They flow flexibly as life threatens to blow you away. They reach towards the Light for you to seek root and straighten your back up again once the storm dies down.

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Do you find solace by the sea? You are the drop, and the ocean. Water is the ultimate sign of the Divine’s endless mercy. Experience the celestial bliss of aquamarine beads, as elevating as a blue-sky day.

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Oh, to pensively sip a cup of rose petal tea on the Bosporus banks. We dedicate this stone to the tender-hearted. Can you feel its white veins guide your thoughts and sorrows, through its rosy mellows, to the One?

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The origin, discovery, and history of this stone are quite obscure. Its forest green hues make us daydream of vast plains and deep, deep woods our thoughts get lost in. This tasbih will accompany you on the walk of life.

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Light upon Light. The beads carved out of this gem shimmer, so bright. Tiger’s eye lets you soak up the ambience of luminous remembrance, ever so focused like a feline mesmerized by flecks of light.

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Howlite offers you a tranquil, pure abode while the world rushes on. Let your words of reverence for the Divine seep through its marble-like veins, and come home.

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The lively blue greens of this stone are so gentle its sheen was chosen to adorn the inside of the Prophet’s mosque. Bring a little bit of Madina’s luster to your hands and heart and let it witness the one Witness.

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When sorrows cloud over our thoughts, what we yearn for is to praise the Chosen One. It almost looks as if this brownish, gray quartz captures our brain fog for us. Let the beads flow. Let things run their course. Can you see more clearly?

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Hawks are known for their extraordinary vision. A remarkable type of quartz, hawk’s eye catches the sunlight. When our hearts are filled with Light, we are given an inner eye with which to see.  Close your eyes. Let the light of remembrance seep through and sink in.

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From musk to ambergris, saffron and sacred ʿoud… In days gone by, the walls of the Kaʿba and the blessed Prophet’s Mosque were sure to be coated with a perfume so refined it would leave worshipers in a cloud of heavenly scents. Lava stone, with all its sturdy lightness, serves as the perfect fragrance diffuser. Allow this gift of earth to take you there.

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