Your tasbih is made of mindfully selected, natural materials. Taking care of your tasbih is like taking care of a close friend. It comes with love and dedication.


Your prayer beads are made from durable material. They are meant to last a lifetime. To keep them in their best possible state, it is preferable to avoid leaving them in direct sunlight and to carry them around in a compact pouch if possible.

Your tasbih is not meant to be soaked in water nor exposed to excessive perspiration. This might have a damaging effect in the long run. We advise not to wear it when swimming or making wudu’. We have multiple tasbihs ourselves; some we keep in a special place inside our home, others we take with us on the road. As an object of devotion, it is better not to take your tasbih with you into the bathroom.

It is not recommended to use any type of detergent or sanitizer on or near you beads.


Our tasbih strings are globally known to be durable. The thread we use is the result of years of trying, testing, comparing, and trying again and again. The main BasmalaBeads string is what keeps it all together. It is why our prayer beads are guaranteed for life.* Our tasbihs are therefore made for regular, normal use but are not suitable to carry heavy weights or be strongly pulled. We advise not to apply oil to the thread as this might affect its longevity.

The string of West African style tasbihs cannot be adjusted in tightness. If your West African style tasbih has come to feel tight over time, it is usually a sign that it is wound up. This can be resolved by holding it from the top and unwinding it. The tasbihs with a Turkish-style tassel are adjustable in tightness. This can be done by lifting the top of the minaret, which can then be loosened. Give the beads the freedom they need. We advise to allow some space in between them to create an optimal flow and assure their durability.

*This guarantee is applicable to the tasbih’s main thread and main beads, not to ornamental elements added.


The beautiful tassel-work can be wiped with a cloth dampened with water.

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