Caring for your Misbaha

Your tasbih is more than beads on a string. It's your companion.

Protecting Your Companion Imagine a lifetime of prayers in each bead. Our materials are built to last. Keep them away from too much sun. Store them safely while traveling. Check out our collection for tasbihs and pouches. Perfect for you or as a gift.

Caring for Your Beads Treat your beads with gentleness. For fragrance-diffusing tasbihs, a touch of scented oil revives their spirit. Explore our collection for the ideal tasbih to enrich your collection or as a gift of devotion.

The Heart of the Tasbih: Our String Our string is resilience personified. Perfect for daily devotion. Gift a tasbih from our collection. It's a symbol of an enduring bond.

Reviving the Tassels The tassels of your tasbih, its flowing spirit, can be refreshed with water and a hint of baking soda. Maintain its grace. Gift a tasbih with confidence, knowing its elegance will endure.

Our Promise to You With every tasbih, we promise: durability in the main thread and beads. It's our commitment to your journey.

As you deepen your practices with BasmalaBeads, remember, every tasbih has its own story. Choose one that speaks to you, or gift it, enhancing someone's spiritual path alongside yours.

May your tasbih be a beacon of peace and inspiration.