Counting to 1 Million with the Abacus Tasbih Counting System

Counting to 1 Million with the Abacus Tasbih Counting System

The Abacus Tasbih Counting System is a remarkable innovation in the world of Islamic prayer beads, allowing individuals to keep track of their recitations with incredible precision and convenience. This system is particularly valuable for those engaged in the repetition of prayers or supplications, as it can count up to an impressive one million repetitions.

Here's a brief tutorial on how to use this counting system effectively:

  1. Begin by holding your Tasbih comfortably, ensuring that it is equipped with the Abacus System counters and accessories.

  2. Start counting your repetitions using the main beads. After you complete 100 counts, move one of the top counter beads.

  3. There are 10 top-counter beads in total. With 10 cycles of 100 counts each, you will reach 1,000 repetitions.

  4. For every 1,000 counted repetitions, move the secondary counter one position (and reset the top counter). This means that 10,000 repetitions have been completed.

  5. Now, for the quantum leap: the Abacus bead comes into play. For every 10,000 counted repetitions, move the Abacus bead one position and fasten it around all 100 of the main beads. This signifies that 1 million repetitions have been achieved.

While reaching the maximum count of 1 million may be rare for most individuals, this set can effectively count up to any practical number of recitations. It offers a convenient and accurate way to engage in zikr and maintain a deep connection with one's spiritual practice.

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