The Art of the Tasbih

  • What is a Tasbih?

    A Tasbih is a set of beads used to keep count of sacred recitations (Zikr) in the Islamic Tradition.   

    Performing Zikr with presence and concentration is considered by Muslims to be a spiritual practice that is fundamental to spiritual well-being.

    It is with the Tasbih, that one’s full attention can be placed upon the sacred recitations in a manner that is believed to be transformative. 

  • Counting to 1 Million with the Abacus Tasbih Counting System

    Over time Muslim artisans have engineered counting systems that can keep count of a very high volume of recitations in much more practical and portable fashion than pulling a 10-meter string of beads.

    Of these counting systems, is The Abacus Tasbih Counting System. With a maximum count of 1 million- it is very unique.