About Basmala

    The Beginning

    It happened a number of years ago. Taking a moment of contemplation, we realized how crucial our prayer beads had been to calm our tired hearts. They had brought us tranquility and presence of mind. Most importantly, they helped us get that Connection we needed throughout the chaos of everyday life. We wanted others to experience this too. We knew we had found our calling: to design and craft tasbihs.

    Our Quest

    We embarked on a quest to meticulously study the designs and uses of the tasbih in the Islamic tradition. We soon discovered that the making of tasbihs is a quickly vanishing artform that needs to be preserved. Through endless phases of trial and error, supported by the outstanding expertise of master crafters and designers, we have become specialists in hand-picking durable raw material and turning into beautiful, high-quality prayer beads that last a lifetime. Through skill, focus, precision, and an eye for detail and the aesthetically pleasing, our team produces tasbihs that can help you to remember what’s important. You can take our word for it. We speak from experience.

    Your Journey

    Your journey is priceless. You have been put on this planet because of a great Wisdom. You have been created by a supremely powerful Being, for a purpose, for a meaning. Your journey is so profound that any sense of belittling this purpose would equal injustice. Our prayer beads, also known as a tasbih, misbaha or sibha, are here to help you remember this reality.

    From Our Heart To yours.

    Our masterfully hand-crafted tasbihs are made with meaning, and with excellence. Mirroring the intentionality behind our existence as humans, our artisans create stunning objects for you to use and gift. This is the opposite of the automated production that lacks any purposefulness. Being human is precious. What humans do is precious.

    Tasbihs and Truth

    Beautiful crafts teach us about the Truth that is at the very core of reality. They attract us to it and enable us to embrace it. Through dhikr, remembering the Divine, we unlock our hearts to the Beauty around us. We connect with what nourishes our soul.

    Objective Truth exists. It is not something that is relative. Without this objective truth human beings find no meaning. It is this objective truth that nurses our soul, which is soothed and pulled gently by the objective Beauty that attracts our gaze. God is beautiful and He loves beauty.


    To remind ourselves to not confuse a means for an end, we recite the Basmala regularly. We enounce “in the name of God” in Arabic during prayer but also when we take on activities that might feel more mundane. It reminds us that the very world around us is a sign that points to His name. It is all from Him, and for Him. The Basmala straightens the folds of our intentions. It inspires us to connect with our purpose.

    The Basmala also directs the craftsperson’s hands as they pour their artistic freedom within a traditional mold of symmetry and harmony. They pursue perfection with patience. The craftsperson draws near to the Divine by following the innate drive of excelling in one’s craft, building experience for years and years and years.

    Your Companion

    Our clients around the world are long-term members of the Basmala family. They appreciate refinement and high quality, translated into Islamically inspired, magnificent craftsmanship. Each one of our tasbihs makes a lifelong companion. Each tasbih is uniquely matched to your own personal journey.