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The Pure Traveller- Unisex Tasbih Bracelet

  • 'Within [Quba Mosque] are men who love to purify themselves, and God loves those who purify themselves.' - (Tawbah:108)

    Meet the Pure traveler. Crafted with pure milky white camel ivory, manifesting the aim of every sincere seeker: purity.

    This set is inspired by Quba Mosque, the first mosque built by the Holy Prophet. A mosque that was singled out in the Quran as a place of great purity and divine Love.

    This tasbih bracelet is crafted to constantly remind us that our daily zikr is not an empty ritual. Quite the contrary, if we are patient on this path, we will one day experience a station of peace and serenity so profound that everything else will seem insignificant.

    The. Peace. Will. Come.

    The sort of peace that can only truly be tasted with a pure heart.


    This BasmalaBraclet is designed according to traditional specifications and crafted to fit perfectly around your wrist with a subtle modern style that you will adore.

    They are fully functional prayer beads that serve as your go-to "I need a minute to collect and connect" set.

    Let this subtle work of art remind you that your free moments, when experienced with presence, are as precious as you are.