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The Turban

  • "...indeed the [Turban] is the mantle of the Angels." - The Holy Prophet ﷺ

    This set is our first edition of our long-awaited Turban Series. This set showcases the mastery of some of the world's greatest Tasbih craftsmen. The 'Suspended Rings' on the minaret are a mark of mastery, a maneuver that very few craftsmen have mastered. These rings are not made to last a lifetime like this set is (they are paper-thin) but serve as a signature and a stamp of authenticity that the set in your hand was crafted by an elite artisan.

    These precious 33 bead sets are inspired by the majestic turban, which we've hand-carved on the minaret.

    Although the turban is clearly a cultural expression, there are reports that it is rooted in a deep reality. So deep that it is a symbol that is present in the angelic realm. It is for this reason that historically Muslims from Spain to West China have donned them as a sincere act of devotion.

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