‘The Present One’- The World's First Premium Islamic Prayer Bracelet Crafted with Exotic Materials and Strung with 'unbreakable' Kevlar String

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We live in the age of distraction. Our attention is constantly shifting. Our thoughts are racing. Our minutes, hours and days flash before our eyes before we can really internalize what his happening around us. It’s very difficult for us to experience the moment.

Let us introduce you to ‘The Present one’, a trusted companion that will do all he can to share his God-given gift: timeless presence.

This BasmalaBraclet is designed according traditional specifications and crafted to fit perfectly around your wrist with a subtle modern style that you will adore

They are fully functional prayer beads that serve as your go-to "I need a minute to collect and connect" set. 

Let this subtle work of art remind you that your free moments, when experienced with presence, are as precious as you are.


What makes this set special?

‣  100 Year Guarantee  ~   This set will be the last you ever need. Guaranteed. If it’s our fault that your set breaks we’ll fix it or replace it for free for 100 years under our warranty. Why 100 years? We want you to pass these on to whoever's next in-line and trust that we will take care of them just like we did with you.

‣  Made by Hand  ~   This set is handmade by a master craftsman. Once it's in your hands you'll know that there is simply no comparison to cheap factory-made imitations. Simply looking at this wondrous set will inspire you.

‣ The World's First Premium Islamic Prayer Bracelet  ~   Designed to serve as a constant reminder. It's not only practical, fashionable, and extremely pleasing to the eye- it also represents a timeless tradition of handcrafted Islamic prayer beads that aims to erase the distinction between the spiritual and the mundane.

‣ 'UNBREAKABLE' Kevlar String  ~  This new model of our best-selling BasmalaBracelets is strung with Kevlar string (yes, the stuff they make bullet proof vest with!). Kevlar, being 10 times stronger than steel, is one of the strongest materials known to man. Traditionally prayer beads were strung with silk because it was the strongest most durable material available; now it's Kevlar. We aren't breaking with tradition, we are enriching it! 

‣ Connection  ~  BasmalaBracelets are designed to be worn as a subtle yet present motivation for your connection with your spiritual life. For moments when you need a little motivation, they will always be there to remind you of what is truly important.

‣ Natural  ~  This bracelet is crafted from 100% materials to preserve the old tradition of authenticity and purity. 

‣ Handcrafted  ~ BasmalaBeads strives to employ experienced and ethically compensated  hands  in the creations of all of her goods. We strive to preserve the heritage of true moral perfection.

‣ Practical Design  ~  This bead is designed to blend seamlessly with your daily routine. Just pull the hand-carved minaret (long bead) and to unfasten the set, wrap it around your wrist three times, fasten it once more, and behold: your prayer beads are now snugly fit around your wrist! 

‣ 33% To Charity  ~  BasmalaBeads has and always will donate 33% of all profits. We know very well that the world's greatest investments are found in that which is given not acquired. 

‣  The Perfect Gift  ~   We find hand-made premium prayer beads to be the most meaningful and touching gifts money can buy. Nothing says "I love you" like the gift of remembrance. 

‣ Fair-trade  ~   We take great pride in employing underprivileged women and men and giving them a very competitive compensation - helping them make an honest living. This is a sacred art so we do our best to pay and treat our team very well. We are in the business of love so it starts at home!

 ‣ FREE Shipping  ~  Enjoy free shipping anywhere in the WORLD for orders over $100. 

 ‣ Made in Small Batches  ~   To ensure quality, all BasmalaBeads are made in small batches. This means that our quality is amazing. It also means that we sell out quickly! Once an item sells out, it often takes us a considerable amount of time to replenish. Good things take time. Don't miss out! 


What people are saying about 'The Present One':


"I remember getting my first tasbih from my mother over four years ago when I became serious about my zikr as a constant connection to God and a constant reminder to myself to be better.

Sadly, this tasbih got worn down with constantly being shoved in my pocket, the threads coming undone and the beads losing their luster and revealing their poor quality. When I saw the ad for Basmala Bead's basmala bracelets, they addressed all of these concerns of quality and convenience, and more importantly meaning and intention. I ordered a BasmalaBracelet. They are easily the most beautiful sets I have ever seen or used.

The bracelet snugly fits my wrist and I already feel that something is missing when I'm not wearing it. The light clicks of the beads and how they feel under my fingers, and the constant access to them by simply wearing them on my wrist is almost too good to be true. The craftsmanship shows in the sizing of the beads, the threading, and the overall aesthetic. They have to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

It is worth mentioning that I have received nonstop compliments on the bracelet from family, friends, and grocery store cashiers. The tasbihs have very quickly become precious to me, more importantly because they are to me a manifestation of ihsan, something that I strive for in my life and something that BasmalaBeads is clearly striving for. I highly recommend any of BasmalaBeads prayer beads and I plan to buy many more as gifts."

-Saaid, UK


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