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The Midnight Traveller- Unisex Tasbih Bracelet

  • Story

    Our attention spans are depleting with every passing day as the world fills us up with endless floods of color, ideas and information. Our minds are always struggling between their tendencies to diverge away from the moment, and staying in the now. Our very being has become a constant struggle between past, present and future.

    Introducing the Midnight Traveller, thenowbracelet that wraps your wrist in the God- given gift of timeless presence.

    Designed with profound attention to traditional Tasbih specifications, this Basmala creation brings in modernity and elegance to help ground you in your search for spiritual truth; a juxtaposition of styles that is made with love.

    Its ebony prayer beads are handcrafted and strung together with refinement and strength to help you collect your thoughts and reconnect with the One.

    The Midnight Traveller is a subtle yet exquisite art piece that acts as a reminder that every moment of your life is in the One's hands and that each one is worth treasuring.

    Gender Unisex
    Bead Material
    African Black Wood ( Dalbergia Melanoxylon)
    Wood Color Rich Dark Brown
    Wood Origin

    Dry savanna regions of central and southern Africa

    Wood Hardness 

    3,670 lbf
    Bead Count 33
    Bead Diameter 5 mm
    Bead Shape Spherical
    Thread Type Braided Kevlar® Thread (Guaranteed for life)
    Minaret Material
    Exotic African Blackwood
    Tassel Type Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System
    Counters 3 Beaded Counter 
    Wrist Size One-size-fits-most (adjustable)
    Set Length 10 cm (not including tassel-work)
    Tassel Length 6 cm
    Weight 5 

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