Heavenly Streams


Heavenly Streams - A one-of-a-kind 'Master Series' Tasbih.

This Tasbih is inspired by the sacred descriptions of the ever-flowing streams characteristic of the paradisal realm. This work of art combines intricately carved leaf motifs with a dazzling composition of blue mother-of-pearl inlay and copper braiding.

As we long to witness the wonders of the next realm, we are also reminded that we are, in fact, caretakers of a ‘garden within.’ A garden that is nourished by the ever-flowing waters of the revelation which purifies the soul.

Not all poems are written. Ours are strung.

Bead Material: Organic Kuk Wood with Blue Mother-of-Pearl inlay and Copper braiding
Base Material: Organic Kuk Wood
Bead Count: 33
Bead Diameter: 40 mm
Minaret Material: Organic Kuk Wood
Tassel Type: Turkish
Counters: 3 Beads Counter
Tasbih Length: 79 cm (not including tassel-work)
Tassel Length: 45 cm
Tasbih Weight: 975 g



When we offer a piece like this; one that takes months to prepare; one that is literally one of a kind, we often ask ourselves, who is this destined for? It is destined for a single soul. Our inspiration is, in our belief, strung on the same thread of destiny with this unknown soul. To some it may seem trivial, but to us it is everything. It is in the question, not the answer, that we find profound meaning. Not all poems are written; Ours are strung.

Could this piece be destined for you?

Heavenly Materials

Organic Kuk Wood with Blue Mother-of-Pearl inlay and Copper braiding

Pearl and Mother of pearl are made of the same substance: nacre, an iridescent material composed of calcium carbonate.

Nacre is created by pearl oysters to protect their soft interior tissue. The difference between pearls and mother of pearl is the placement, with the latter being formed on the inner linings of the shell.

Mother of pearl is most commonly found in creamy white color. Our preference is the rarer blue-green variety.

Paired with intricate leaf motifs and copper in-lay, we find that is perfectly expresses our inspiration: Heavenly Streams.

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