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The Lady - Glorious Rose Quartz

Precious Stone
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This set was released on July 16th, 2020, and subsequently sold out in a few days. We are now accepting a limited number of pre-orders.

Your set will ship out within 40 business days of purchase.

We are limiting the number of pre-orders we accept due to a limited supply of premium Rose Quartz that is available. (We use only the best for our Lady.)


The title 'Lady' once described a woman of the highest moral caliber.

A woman who nourishes everyone around her - not necessarily through a particular role, but simply by her mere presence.

In the company of a Lady, one finds unconditional love and attention - gifts that the riches of the world cannot buy.

She is a woman of strength, courage, and unapologetic femininity. 

The tasbih before you is inspired by her.

It is dedicated to her.

Crafted with glorious rose quartz and accented with exotic ebony, we pray she will accept our labor of love. 

To our Lady, with love.

Don't miss out.