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THE SUNRISE COMPANION - Unisex Tasbih Bracelet

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We live in the age of distraction. Our attention is constantly shifting. Our thoughts are racing. Our minutes, hours and days flash before our eyes before we can really internalize what his happening around us. It’s very difficult for us to experience the moment.

Let us introduce you to ‘The Present one’, a trusted companion that will do all he can to share his God-given gift: timeless presence.

This Basmala Bracelet is designed according to traditional specifications and crafted to fit perfectly around your wrist with a subtle modern style that you will adore

They are fully functional prayer beads that serve as your go-to "I need a minute to collect and connect" set.

Let this subtle work of art remind you that your free moments, when experienced with presence, are as precious as you are.

Because of the very high demand for this piece, this set is currently on pre-order. Materials for this set are limited and we can only accept a limited number of requests per season. Once our capacity has been filled this set will be marked as sold out.

Your set will ship no more than 40 days after your order is placed. We know this may seem like quite some time, but this set requires a great deal of focus, time, and attention to detail. Take it from us, it's worth the wait. 


Gender Unisex
Bead Material
Coquilla Nut ( Attalea funifera of Martius)
Dye Henna
Material Origin Brazil
Bead Count 100
Bead Diameter 5.5 mm
Bead Shape Spherical / Almond
Thread Type Braided Kevlar® Thread (Guaranteed for life)
Minaret Material Ethically Sourced Camel Ivory (Halal / Tahir)
Tassel Type Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System
Counters 3 Beaded Counter 
Wrist Size One-size-fits-most (adjustable)
Set Length 29 cm (not including tassel-work)
Tassel Length 5 cm
Weight 15