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The Loyal Traveller Bracelet (2020)

  • “All the other birds talk, but they do not act, whereas the Falcon acts, and does so without talking. This explains how the glove of Kings came to be its perch.”

    This set is inspired by the peregrine falcon. Considered by the Islamic tradition to be a symbol of deep spiritual loyalty and sincerity.

    We've designed this set to remind us that wherever we've gone in life, however 'far' we may be, we still belong to the One, and that we will one day return to him.

    Realize this reality and internalize it through Zikr and your soul will soar to stations unimaginable.

    Does that sound difficult?

    It's not.

    All you have to do is ask.

    Remember, the 'One' you seek, is also the 'The Most Generous'.


    This BasmalaBraclet is designed according to traditional specifications and crafted to fit perfectly around your wrist with a subtle modern style that you will adore.

    They are fully functional prayer beads that serve as your go-to "I need a minute to collect and connect" set.

    Let this subtle work of art remind you that your free moments, when experienced with presence, are as precious as you are.