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The Heavenly One - Timeless Garnet Gems

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This set was released on July 16th, 2020, and subsequently sold out in a few days. We are now accepting a limited number of pre-orders.

Your set will ship out within 40 business days of purchase.

We are limiting the number of pre-orders we accept due to a limited supply of premium garnet that is available. (Unlike the Yaqoot of the next world, supply here is very limited.)


Heaven is infinite beauty.  

So beautiful that we cannot possibly comprehend it. 

All we have are glimpses.

All we have are names.

Names of beautiful things we witness in this world that are found in sacred scripture to describe the splendors of the next. 

One of these words is Yaqoot.

A gem that is said to adorn the unfathomably beautiful landscape of The Garden.

This stone is considered by many to be carbuncle, also known as garnet. 

Previous Abrahamic scriptures mention that this stone may have accompanied Noah on the Ark, Solomon in his temple, and Aaron on his armor.

Of course, gemology has evolved dramatically over the past 3000 years, and it's impossible to be certain which stone perfectly correlates with these noble references.

One thing is certain:

If this beautiful Tasbih, crafted with Garnet and accented with Ebony, is destined for you it will be either the centerpiece of your collection or one of the most thoughtful gifts you've ever given.

And if it's not written for you, remember the name.

This is just a shadow of what's in store for you.

God willing.


Don't miss out.