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The Sunset Seeker Tasbih Bracelet - 99 Bead Wrap (2020)

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Carefully handmade this 99 bead set is designed to wrap four times around the wrist (or once around the neck as a necklace). For years now, our loyal fans have asked for a larger men's tasbih bracelet, and we've attentively listened. 

The Seeker Collection fits slightly larger than our Traveller and Companion series. Men with smaller wrists (6.5 inches or smaller) may find it a bit loose, but it will not slip off the hand. 

The set before you is crafted Kuk seed and ethically sourced camel ivory. 

Strung with 'unbreakable' Kevlar string,  this tasbih bracelet is inspired by the majestic colors of the sunset that marks the end of the days toil and the beginning of a night full presence and remembrance. 

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Gender Male
Bead Material Coquille Nut ( Attalea funifera of Martius)
Wood Color Red Brown
Wood Origin Brazil
Bead Count 99
Bead Diameter 8 mm
Bead Shape Spherical
Thread Type Braided Kevlar® Thread (Guaranteed for life)
Minaret Material Ethically Sourced Camel Ivory (Halal / Tahir)
Tassel Type Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System
Counters 3 Beaded Counter 
Wrist Size 16.5cm (6.5 inches) or larger
Set Length
42 cm (not including tassel-work)
Tassel Length
9 cm