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Murjan - Ethically Sourced Coral

Precious coral is timeless.

Immortalized in the Book as one of the wonderous treasures of this world, precious red coral is beyond beautiful.

For centuries, responsibly sourced red coral has been a material of choice for Tasbih art.

Unfortunately, over the past century, the shallow coral reefs of the world have been devastated to the point that this gorgeous material is now considered endangered. 

Red coral is now protected internationally (and rightly so). 

The set before you is as close as we can, legally, get to the beautiful gem. 

It is not synthetic. 

No, we couldn't do that.

Crafted with authentic (and responsibly sourced) white coral, that has been treated with a special deep coloring process that is far from a cheap topical dye.

This set has the natural wondrous texture of coral and in our opinion just as gorgeous. 

This is not an imitation.

Quite the contrary. This is an honorable tribute, crafted with natural materials. 

We call her Murjan.


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