Ebony Africana BasmalaBeads Traveller with Red Tassels (6 mm)

These Islamic prayer beads have a distinctly serious quality about them. Made from blessed  pure African ebony this set is a perfect companion on the path of the Divine remembrance. 

  • Luxurious African Ebony | Ebony a heart wood  prized for its dark appearance and fine texture. 
  • Rare Premium Africana Tassels | This set has rare luxurious African tasseling, an intricate art that takes hours of hand-threading to complete. This is an endangered art, as there are only a few artisans in the word that have mastered this skill.
  • Extra Durable String | If you ask anyone who's used a set of Islamic prayer beads over the years they will tell you that the first thing to break is the main string. This is definitely not the case with this set. Made with extra durable materials and double strung your Islamic prayer beads will stay together for a life-time.
  • Two 10 Bead Counters | Use these to count extra long sessions. You can use one to count up to 1000 and in conjunction with the second count up to 10,000 recitations.
  • Wear it! | This set will fit comfortably and snugly on most wrists.. Traditionally muslims have worn Islamic prayer beads to serve as a reminder for themselves and others.
  • The Perfect Gift! | Islamic prayer beads are the ultimate gift. That's why all this set comes in a gorgeous handmade giftbox. Lucky be the one who crosses your mind as you read this! 


Companion BasmalaBeads 6 mm  diameter beads: 100 Beads,
ebony, red/black tassel

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