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The Lotus II- Master's Choice



  • This set is our newest edition to the Lotus series. Far finer than the original model, this set showcases the mastery of some of the world's greatest Tasbih craftsmen. The 'Suspended Rings' on the minaret are a mark of mastery, a maneuver that very few craftsmen have mastered. These rings are not made to last a lifetime like this set is (they are paper-thin) but serve as a signature and a stamp of authenticity that the set in your hand was crafted by an elite artisan.  These precious 33 bead sets are inspired by the lotus flower, which we've hand-carved on the minaret.

    The lotus flower symbolizes the path of purification.

    The lotus often starts as a simple unassuming root in waters soiled with impurities yet it produces one of the world's most beautiful flowers.

    This set serves as a gentle render that we should never judge ourselves based on our current condition. Only 'The One' knows how our beautiful destiny shall unfold.

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