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The Intuitive One


    "Take heed of the intuition (firasah) of the believer, for he sees with the light of God" - The Holy Prophet ﷺ

    Meet the Intuitive One. Crafted with fine Lapis Lazuli Gemstones, this work of art is one of the finest prayer beads we have ever made. After releasing our Intuitive Traveller last season, we were humbled and overwhelmed by its reception. We hope that our full prayer bead set will touch your hearts as our bracelet did.

    This set is inspired by Samarkand, the city of Bukhari, a man who followed his intuition, believing that collecting the authenticated pearls of wisdom of the Holy Prophet ﷺ would be an important service for mankind. While those around him may have questioned his passion, the passage of time attested to his enlightened foresight.

    This set is crafted with the finest genuine Lapis Lazuli stones and is strung with a thread with unparalleled durability.

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