Jerusalem I (New Release)

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The Jerusalem I Misbah (Zikr Beads) is carefully handcrafted using premium olivewood and lapis lazuli gemstones. Strung with artisanal string, it is guaranteed for life. 

  • Premium Lapis Lazuli gemstone
  • Blessed olivewood 
  • Handcrafted by master craftsmen and craftswomen
  • Inspired by the timeless city of Jerusalem 
  • Unique disk bead shape 
  • Premium gift box 
  • Gorgeous handwoven tassel work 
  • Abacus counter system



Bead Material Olive Wood Accented with Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
Wood Color Luminous Brown
Wood Origin Egypt
Wood Hardness 
2,700 lbf
Bead Count 99
Bead Diameter Large (12mm)
Bead Shape Disk
Tassel Type Premium Africana 
Counters 2 x 10 Bead Counters
Set Length 42 cm for L
Tassel Length 11 cm
Weight 52g