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The Grained One

  • Masterfully crafted using one of the world’s most beautifully grained woods, Bocote. This set blends elements from the African and Asiatic Islamic prayer beads ( tasbih ) traditions. The Minaret is hand-carved with a spiral design that symbolized your upward ascension to greater spiritual heights.

    This set is inspired by ‘The Blessed Tree’, under which the Holy Prophet is believed to have sat and rested as a boy while traveling with his uncle to Syria.

    It was here that the monk Buhira recognized the signs of his imminent mission and warned his uncle to protect him.

    Who would have imagined that a simple tree on the way to the Levant was made blessed and will be remembered forever, simply because it happened to be on the path of Greatest of creation?

    By the same token, who would have guessed that the gorgeous Bocote wood grown thousands of miles away would one day be fashioned into your intimate companion on your blessed path to inner peace and spiritual excellence?

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