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The Earthy One

  • When was the last time you feasted your eyes on a stretch of unadulterated, pristine earth?

    Whether it be the peaks of Colorado or the savannas of Africa, something deeply profound happens inside of you when you simply take in the majestic canvas that we call earth.

    The modern man wishes for you to forget that just outside the concrete walls of your cities, there are scenes so perfect that they are literally tangible proof of a Perfect Designer.

    This set has been crafted to manifest that reality.

    Masterfully crafted using one of the world’s most beautifully grained woods, Bocote. This set will serve as a constant reminder that sometimes it’s not by gazing ‘up’ to the heavens that we solve life’s greatest mysteries, but by looking down.

    Looking down at an earth perfectly designed for one purpose. To guide you back home.

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