Kuk Seed Anatolian Traveller 33 BasmalaBeads (10mm)

✔ 100 Year Guarantee  ➡   This set will be last you ever need. Guaranteed. If it’s our fault that your set breaks we’ll fix it or replace it for free for 100 years under our warranty. Why 100 years? We want you to pass these on to whoever's next in-line and trust that we will take care of them just like we did with you.

✔ Made by Hand  ➡   This set is handmade by a master craftsman. Once it's in your hands you'll know that there is simply no comparison to cheap factory-made imitations.  Simply looking at this wondrous set will inspire you.

✔ Premium Kuk Seed  ➡  By far the most popular material used to make Islamic prayer beads, Kuk is a distant cousin of the coconut. Found in West-Africa and Brazil it is extremely durable. It's natural color is light brown and darkens with use (it ages beautifully!). One of the greatest thing about Kuk is its distinctly audible click. This set will engage your senses in a way you've never experienced. 

✔ Classic 33 Bead Style ➡   Heavily influenced by the Ottoman prayer bead tradition, our classic 33 bead sets are sleek and extremely pleasing to the eye.  This timeless style is as practical as it is beautiful.

✔ The Perfect Size  ➡   Subtle and discrete. This will be your go-to, take-everywhere Islamic prayer beads. Small enough  to fit comfortably in your pocket without compromising quality. 

✔33% To Charity  ➡ BasmalaBeads has and alway will donated 33% of all profits. We know very well that the world's greatest investments are found in that which is given not acquired. 

✔ The Perfect Gift  ➡   We  find hand-made premium prayer beads to be the most meaningful and touching gifts money can buy.  Nothing says I love you like the gift of remembrance. Take advantage of our BUY 1, GET 1 50% OFF discount and get another set for that special someone at an amazing price.

✔Fair-trade  ➡   We take great pride in employing underprivileged women and men and giving them  very competitive compensation- helping them make an honest living.  This is a sacred art so we do our best to pay and treat our team very well. We are in the business of love so it starts at home!

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 ✔Made in Small Batches  ➡   To ensure quality, all BasmalaBeads are made in small batches. This means that our quality is amazing. It also means that we sell out quickly! Once an item sells out, it often takes us a considerable amount of time to replenish. Good things take time. Don't miss out! 

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