Ebony Signature Anatolian BasmalaBeads Seeker with Engravings (10mm)

Noble, enchanting, and grounded. These premium handmade Islamic prayer beads have a distinctly serious quality about them. Made from the finest African Ebony, you will cherish this work of art for years to come.

  • Premium Ebony- 100% premium African Ebony Wood 
  • Hand-engraved Spiral Design | This piece is a labour of Love. The minaret and interlocks are ornamented with a gorgeous spiral design.
  • Signature Anatolian Style Tassels| The premium InfinityBeads are designed to blend the best of both the eastern and western tesbih traditions. With the elegance of the Anatolian style and the practicality of the African style, this is set is as unique as you are. This set consists of 100 (6mm) beads separated with 3 interlocks and is topped up with off with a 10 bead counter; you can count up to 1000 repetitions with this gorgeous set.
  • 10 Bead Counter | Use these to count extra long sessions. You can use one to count up to 1000 recitations.
  • The Perfect Gift! | Islamic prayer beads are the ultimate gift. That's why all this set comes in a gorgeous handmade gift box. Lucky be the one who crosses your mind as you read this! 

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