Ebony Anatolian Classic 33 BasmalaBeads with Lotus Engravings (10mm)

Noble, enchanting, and grounded. These premium handmade Islamic prayer beads have a distinctly serious quality about them. Made from the finest African Ebony, you will cherish this work of art for years to come.
  • HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE→ Once a thriving tradition, Islamic prayer beads crafting is now essentially a lost art. With only a few surviving capable artisans around the world and the introduction of cheap imitations, it is only a matter of time before this tradition is lost. BasmalaBeads aims to revive, preserve and enrich the art of fine Islamic prayer beads by making them accessible to all.
    • 100% EBONY→ This set is NOT painted or dyed. Made from the heartwood of African Ebony
    • ANATOLIAN CLASSIC 33 DESIGN→ The premium BasmalaBeads are handcrafted to reflect the elegance of the Anatolian tradition. This set consists of 33 (10mm) beads separated with 2 interlocks and is topped up with off with a 3 bead ornamental tassel.
    • PERFECT ISLAMIC GIFT→ Islamic prayer beads are the ultimate gift. That's why all this set comes in a handmade giftbox. Lucky be the one who crosses your mind as you read this!

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