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Chivalrous (Limited Edition Carved Kuk)

  • We are honored to present a very limited edition of the best-selling Chivarlous One. This set is large (14mm), majestic, and carved with breathtaking engravings.  

    Stressful day. Everything is falling apart. You lie down and close your eyes, and in a half-conscious state you see the sunset fall upon the sand dunes of the Saharan desert. In the distance, you see the silhouette of what looks like a saintly warrior, in prostration. He then gracefully concludes the prayer and turns to you. His eyes are piercing- yet warm, and as he begins to walk to you, you know that he has come to your aid. You smell the rich fragrances of exotic oud and musk as he approaches, you are overwhelmed by his grace. He warmly shakes your hand, and without warning, you feel yourself weeping. A warmth flows through your body and it's as if you feel the words he’s about to whisper before they are said. “Stay strong beloved, All of this will pass, and rest assured that this loyal companion will always be at hand.”

    You awake. It was a dream, but you still feel something in your hand. You look down and it’s a set of masterfully crafted Rich Henna Stained Coquilla Nut BasmalaBeads.

    As you look at them in awe you remember the words of the sagely knight.