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The Dignified One (Limited Mosaic Eidition)



The pattern you see is not the result of craftsmanship.

It is not the work of an Artist.

It is a gift. 

From nature to you.

This limited edition set is crafted with specially selected wood from where the dark black core of the Ebony tree meets the luminous brown wood that surrounds it. 

Material African Black Wood
Wood Color Rich Brown/ Black and Luminous light brown
Wood Hardness 

3,670 lbf 
Bead Count 99
Bead Diameter 8 mm
Bead Shape Spherical/Almond
Tassel Type Traditional Anatolian 
Counters 10 Bead Counters
Maximum Repetitions 1000
Set Length 46 cm (not including tassel-work)
Tassel Length 15 cm
Weight 35 g