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The Confident Seeker

We are honored to introduce the Seeker Collection- works of art like nothing we've crafted before. Carefully handmade and ornamented with exotic stones, these 99 (8mm) bead sets are designed to wrap four times around the wrist (or once around the neck as a necklace). For years now, our loyal fans have asked for a larger tasbih bracelet, and we've attentively listened. 

The Seeker Collection fits slightly larger than our Traveller and Companion series. Individuals with very fine wrists (6.5 inches or smaller) may find it a bit loose, but it will not slip off the hand. 

The set before you is crafted with marvelously textured jasper stones, exotic ebony, and earthy oud. 

Strung with 'unbreakable' Kevlar string,  this tasbih bracelet has an earthy yet confident vibe.

It serves as a reminder that even though we seek to oppose the ego we do not engage in Self-hate. We just make sure to capitalize the 'S' and identify with our best Selves. Our True Selves. Our Souls. 

Soul. Matters.

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