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“Fortify yourself from your own thoughts.” - Rumi

Meet The Fortified Traveler. Inspired by the Alhambra fortress and handcrafted from exotic Ebony and Nubian Ram horn, this set will gently remind you that it's not about 'proving yourself' it's about 'protecting yourself'.
Deep inside, our truest self knows that complete happiness can only be attained through constant Zikr of the 'One'. We must strive to protect and fortify that reality from suggestions that pull us in other directions.
The Fortified One will remain faithfully at your side (more precisely, snuggly on your wrist), reminding you that you are precious and that any other notion must be banished with the sword of LOVE.

Basmala Exclusive

The World's First Premium
Tasbih Bracelet

Two years ago, we sought to craft a tasbih bracelet that not only paid tribute to the great tradition of tasbih art tradition, but that also manifested the aesthetic sensibilities of our age.

Our vision to was to craft a piece that would inspire.

Once released, the reception was outstanding. People all over the world seemed to find meaning in our work, and when the reviews started to roll-in we became certain that it was all worth it.


Guaranteed for life

A tasbih is not just an accessory its a companion for life.That's why we are so obsessed with durability. If your bracelet does break we will replace it free of charge. For life.

Kevlar Thread

Kevlar is a very special material. It combines both strength and resistance to abrasion. The two qualities are key to ensuring your bracelet will last a lifetime.

Perfect Fit

We've designed a fastening system that flows perfectly with the tasbih. No cheap elastic. No clumsy clasps.

Details matter.

"I wear it everyday; everywhere I go. They are low key and minimises questions from around. Love that it has a good fit as I tried many others which are too big and ends up slipping off. Just having it with me reduces my anxiety."



"I love my beads.I wear them all the time. They're easy to take on/off, and they move easily when I use them. I've gotten many compliments. I would highly recommend them."



"Craftsmanship is impeccable! I wanted a set of beads that were small enough to go everywhere with me and the Midnight Traveller is absolutely perfect. I wasn't sure from the photos on the website but these turned out perfect. Very happy!"



What are the specs of this Tasbih Bracelet ?




Bead Material

African Black Wood ( Dalbergia Melanoxylon)

Wood Color

Rich Dark Brown

Wood Origin

Dry savanna regions of central and southern Africa

Wood Hardness

3,670 lbf

Bead Count


Bead Diameter

5 mm

Bead Shape


Thread Type

Braided Kevlar® Thread (Guaranteed for life)

Minaret Material

Nubian Ram Horn

Tassel Type

Signature Basmala Bracelet Fastening System


3 Beaded Counter

Wrist Size

One-size-fits-most (adjustable)

Set Length

10 cm (not including tassel-work)

Tassel Length

6 cm


5 g

What is a Tasbih Bracelet?

Our Tasbih Bracelets are premium handcrafted Islamic prayer beads that are designed to fit snugly and securely around the wrist.

While other prayer bracelets are mass-produced with cheap materials our sets are just as precious as our premium prayer bead models.

In fact, they are considered even more difficult to craft because of the scale.

We've designed them to serve as a constant reminder.

What is a Tasbih ?

A Tasbih is a set of beads used to keep count of sacred recitations (Zikr) in the Islamic Tradition.  

Performing Zikr with presence and concentration is considered by Muslims to be a spiritual practice that is fundamental to spiritual well-being.

It is with the Tasbih, that one’s full attention can be placed upon the sacred recitations in a manner that is believed to be transformative.


The Tasbih’s use is well established in Islamic history with references to it dating back to the prophetic era.

There are well-documented reports of close companions (disciples) of the Holy Prophet (SAW) using tools such as a knotted thread and even clear indications that the Prophet’s own wife (Safiyah) would use pebbles to keep count of her Zikr.


Over the next two centuries, the Tasbih’s iconic appearance took shape, and it became arguably the most central objects of the spiritual Muslims’ life.

Because of the intimate place the Tasbih held in the in their lives, Muslims began to consider it as a close companion that represented one’s unique path and experience.


Over time, Muslim Artists expressed this deep love by developing a rich craft that sought to produce Tasbihs that could both withstand the test of time and also inspire the believer with dazzling aesthetics.  

A large diversity of Tasbih styles soon developed as each Muslim civilization’s artists crafted sets that reflected the cultures unique taste.


This evolution is markedly similar to the Qur’anic calligraphy tradition, which began as a means to simply preserve the Quranic text but soon evolved to one of the wonders of the traditional world.

As with the Misbah, this development was simply the Artists expression of the believers love and reverence.  

How are they Crafted?

Why do your Tasbihs sell out so quickly?

Our craft is a very time-intensive one. It takes many days of diligent work to craft a quality Tasbih.

This means that by definition all of our work is 'limited edition'. Some of our sets sell out within days of release, and although we do our best to meet this demand, the nature of our craft must be respected.

Will my Tasbih break?

Our top priority is durability. We want your set to last a lifetime.

It is with this vision that we source the most durable material, choose our designs, and most importantly select our string.

We can't overstate the importance of the string.

It's the single most important part of the durability of a set.

It is what holds it all together.

It is the hidden soldier. Not seen or noticed but all is depending on it.

It's one of the main reasons cheap mass-manufactured sets last only a few months.

After years of experience and research, we have honed in the strongest strings available in the world market.

We use highly abrasive resistant strings to last you a lifetime

We are so confident that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

Where do you ship from?

We ship out of PA ,USA.

Do you ship internationally ?

YES! Our product is a very unique one and we thus have clients all over the world. In fact, over 50% of our clients come from the Gulf region.

If I order internationally will I pay customs?

We do all we can to clear customs before our work is shipped. Many countries allow us to pre-pay customs and we always do. That being said, there are times when customers may be charged customs, but this is very rare.