The Determined II { Buffalo Horn }


  • Story

    Spirituality gets a bad rep these days. Does being spiritual mean being lethargic and weak?

    We certainly don’t think so.

    A woman or man of true spirituality is alive, alive with DETERMINATION, in every sense of the word. This gorgeous set represents just that. Made from the majestic horns of ethically sourced African Buffalo. This set is extremely strong but at the same time, and almost paradoxically, lightweight, serving as a constant reminder that being strong and independent doesn't correlate with a cold and heavy heart.

    Quite the contrary, dear friend, the intersection of your strong determination and spiritual lightness that shines from your precious heart is something that is deserving of gratitude and celebration.

    Celebrate it today with this dazzling set.

  • Specifications
    Bead Material Buffalo Horn
    Color Marbled silver, greys, black, and whites
    Bead Count 99
    Bead Diameter 12 mm
    Bead Shape Disk
    Tassel Type Signature Anatolian
    Counters 10 BeadCounters
    Set Length 42 cm (not including tassel-work)
    Tassel Length 9 cm
    Weight 45 g 

Guaranteed for life - In rejection of the 'throw-away' culture, where products are cheaply made and designed to be discarded, we have crafted these pieces with durability as our guiding philosophy. So much so, that we guarantee them for life.

The Gift of Love - Our work has been designed to be a touchingly sincere and deep gift. Whether it is a self-gift, or a gift to another beloved, we trust it will be a offering that will never be forgotten.

A True Companion - As your Tasbih accompanies you on the moments that make up your precious life, we believe, that it will represent much more than a piece of art. It will represent your journey, and it will be, well, like a companion.

The Power of Focus -  Every set is the fruit of hours of focused work. This labour of love is something that many of our customers appreciate and feel when they receive our work. Focus is a rarity these days, we hope that these tasbihs serve as a reminder of its power.

Free and Fast Shipping Worldwide - Our products have broad appeal and most of our customers are international. We ship worldwide via express courier services. All customs charges are pre-payed if the destination countries allow.

We ship out of PA, USA.


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