A Tasbih is a work of sacred art. But more importantly it is a tool for devotion. Each part of the Tasbih is crafted with these two dimensions as a guiding principle.  There are a variety of different styles of Tasbih. Each style has its unique components.  However, there are seven parts that make up, what one may call, the spirit of the Tasbih. 
Let us start with Minaret.
The Minaret is the focal point of the Tasbih. It is what one's eyes fall upon first. The long bead is considered to be the hallmark of Islamic Prayer Bead Art.

As its name suggests symbolizes the role of the Tasbih, as a 'caller'  to remembrance.  (The minaret is the towering structure in a mosque that I dedicated to spread the invitation to prayer, the 'Azan') 

It is also said to symbolize the Oneness of focus that one seeks to develop through the practice of Zikr.  

It is also where one begins their cycle of Zikr, and thus reminds one of the power and mercy of new beginnings. Infinite chances to start once again, no matter how far we've gone, or how long we've forgotten.

It is for this reason that it is also called the Alif (the first letter of the Arabic alphabet). 

Did you know this bead carried so much meaning? What does it mean to you?

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