"The best of people are those that bring the most benefit to mankind." - The Holy Prophet ﷺ

From the Bottom of our Heart: Thank You.

A Token of Our Gratitude

A Sincere Gift

Why Beads?

Accept our Gift

If you know a healthcare professional and would like them receive this gift of gratitude, please fill the form below. Upon receipt we will email you a 100% discount code and a link to the products that we have pledged for this effort that you can choose from.

Please include their job title and hospital/institution name in the message field.

(Of course health professionals are more than welcome to fill the form to redeem their gift themselves). 


Reception to this initiative has been overwhelming. We have currently received more 300 requests as of 3/27/2020. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be accepted (we will try our best). 

Please note that requests made starting 3/28/2020 will most likely not be fulfilled. We wish we could, but we are simply limited by our capacity. Thank you for your understanding.

Soul. Matters.

"Whoever does not thank people (for their favor) has not (truly) thanked Allah" - The Holy Prophet ﷺ