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Tiger's Eye
Lapis Lazuli
Kuk Nut
Ebony Wood
Camel Ivory
Ram Horn
Oud Wood
Olive Wood

The Gem of Joy

Citrine Gems

Citrine is a variety of quartz that is naturally yellow due to a particular degree of oxidation of its iron content. It is considered a sister stone to purple Amethyst since they are so closely related.

Citrine symbolizes the joy and splendid warmth of the sun's rays. We selected this stone to be a reminder that every dark night is followed by a beautiful sunrise.

The Beloved


Why has Aqeeq captivated the consciousness of muslims for centuries?Is it the color?Is it the weight?Is it is silky smoothness?No.

It, in reality, has not really captivated the hearts of women and men.Instead, it was simply said to be the ring stone of choice, for He who's choice meant everything.  Only two words can be spoken in response to the question.Anything else would be frivolous.

What are those two words?The. Beloved.