Basmalabeads are premium handcrafted tasbih prayer beads that are made to last a lifetime.  Backed by our 100 year guarantee, they are the perfect companion on the noble path we call life.  Why 100 years? We want you to pass these on to whoever's next in-line and trust that we will take care of them just like we did with you

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When people here about our warranty they are often surprised to say the least. Some might even think it's a marketing gimmick. 

Well, rest assured, it is not. We are serious.

We are so confident in the quality and durability of our tasbihs that we will stand behind them, for life. 

Traditionally muslims considered their Islamic prayer beads very intimate companions. They were alway an important of life's most precious moments. 

They accompanied them in times of joy and difficulty so much so that they were seen as a symbolic representation of one's life. 

So, when it was time to return one's maker it was the muslim's prayer beads that were considered the most meaningful part of one's estate. Inheritors would cherish them as a deep connection back to their loved one's. 

Now we don't want be to morbid. God willing, you will have a long prosperous life, just rest assured that your prayer beads will be there when you need them.

We can't guarantee that your misbaha will be in mint condition in the year 2120, but we  will guarantee the integrity main string and the beads on it.

If the main string breaks or the main beads are lost or severely damaged, to the point they are no longer functional we will replace them. 

Our warranty covers normal wear.

Everything in life is temporary; it's just that some things are made to last longer than others. Even mountains wear away, eventually.

Our warranty does not cover rough handling. Our beads are designed for devotion not dramatic action stunts. :)

We guarantee that you will own a functional set or the rest of your life. This comes down to the main string and the main beads.

Our warranty does not cover the tassels, the counter beads, the abacus counter, or any other accessories.

 Well, first of all, we are talking about prayer beads here.

Folks that buy prayer beads are presumably in the top percentile of character and integrity. 

Plus, we consider you as family once you hold one of our precious sets.

So no, we will not send a private investigator to determine the cause of breakage. 

We will generally ask you to send a photo and give us your word.

I mean prayer bead fraud sounds a bit dark, and we trust that it wouldn't cross your precious heart. :)

Simply fill the form here, and we'll get you all sorted out.

Once you submit a replacement inquiry here, you will be contacted by one of our staff. You will be given an address sot that you can return what remains of your piece.

The return shipping is on you, but shipping of your brand-new replacement piece is definitely on us.

For reasons out of human control, we cannot guarantee the exact same piece for your replacement.

Let us explain.

You see, our tasbihs are handcrafted and not all materials are always available. Also, some of our styles are quite complex, and can only be crafted by certain master craftsmen that we simply cannot guarantee will be available years for now. 

What we can guarantee is that you'll get a misbaha of equal (or even greater) value and quality. 

Although most replacement are shipped out within days of an inquiry, we can't guarantee an exact turn-around time for all requests, again because of the nature of our craft.

It depends on a number of factors including material and craftsmen availability. 

Rest assured that we will do all we can to get you your replacement piece as soon as we can.

Our warranty guarantees a replacement piece and not a reconstruction of your original piece.

That being said we do recognize that your set may carry significant sentimental value, and if you really do want your set repaired, we will do all we can to be of service. 

Just let our team now here and we will judge feasibility and share any added expenses that will be requested for the repair. 

Unfortunately, no.

We've lost a number of sets over the years and we know how it feels!

We do believe that everything happens for a reason. Who knows who will find it, it may be a means profound change in someone's life! 

But, look, you are family and we do feel your pain. If you do lose a set let us know here and we will try our best do pass on a special discount (and some love) to help in your period of grieving.